GPF/PPF Delete

This is our GPF/PPF delete software is only the software only, this will remove the structures and fault codes from the ecu software. This makes the ECU (engine control unit) not look for these structures or fault codes in relation to the PPF/GPF. Once this software is applied the PPF/GPF system will not continue to function unless or when the vehicle is returned to Stock/Original.

You must have the internals of the PPF/GPF physically removed.

The PPF/GPF Delete Service is intended for off-road use vehicles only. Removal of a PPF/GPF is likely to make your vehicle illegal for use on a public road. This is not legal advice and if you are unsure if this applies to your vehicle, please seek further advice.

Please call us to check if your car is compatible with this software.

All our software is designed to work with your specific Engine Control Module (ECU) found in your vehicle, we take our software through extensive research, analysis, development, and testing as part of our software development program.

we can provide you with performance software that doesn’t just increase the power of your engine but offers enhanced driving characteristics with tuning that perfectly balances performance and reliability.

We passionately believe reliability and drivability is just as important as how much power and torque can be achieved. We have built a solid reputation for providing some of the best remaps and software in the tuning industry.

Using the most advanced and sophisticated tuning equipment available, combined with many years of experience within the tuning and racing world, we can tune almost any car or commercial vehicle on the road today.

Being at the forefront of technological developments in the tuning industry, we can even tune the very latest vehicle models.

We pride ourselves on offering unrivalled tuning software coupled with excellent customer care.

We do not have a one software fits all policy, most modern engine ecu’s have many different calibrations and software variants even for the same car! Manufactures update their software regularly that means not every car that’s the same make and model will have the same software and because of this we tune the software that has been read from YOUR car and only YOUR car, We do not provide generic software.

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